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creativity in lighting

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See fog in a new light

Lumca and Soucy Aquatik join forces to design amazing fog effects.

This is what happens when light meets water to create a work of art. Introducing Luuma X Fog, a striking innovation from the combined expertise of Lumca and Soucy Aquatik.

Designed for optimal
performance — and effects

Combining both theatrical fog effects and a new way for outdoor cooling, Luuma X Fog is ideal for urban parks, botanical gardens and other recreational areas. Awaken people’s senses even further by adding wonderfully scented essential oils that can emanate from the lights.

Modular and completely customizable, Luuma X Fog is offered in a variety of different heights and angled heads. You can even create impressive arches for maximum effect! Our high-quality stainless steel nozzles are directly inserted into our bollards for a clean, slick look.


Customizable / Eco-friendly / Chemical-free / Easy maintenance /
No residue / Long pump life Inexpensive to operate

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